International Women's Day

What a great day to be able to celebrate the amazing women in our lives both personally and professionally!

International Women’s Day is today and on March 8th every year and is celebrated around the world. The origins of this day go back far and wide and can be somewhat traced to 2/28/1909 (112 years ago) in New York and was first celebrated globally and by the United Nations on March 8th, 1975 (although Wikipedia says 1977). There is plenty of information to read about the history here.

If you’re inclined to show support, purple is the primary color of IWD (purple, green and white). I have a purple shirt ready to go for this morning and plan to record a little video about the small things we try to do at evolv that we hope have big and lasting impact on the women of the world.

Gender equality in pay has been a passion of mine for quite some time and for evolv starting with our first hire. If you would like to hear about that, please reach out and ask. That passion has morphed into equality in general which you can hear more about on my podcast (link on our website).

Today is a day to celebrate the equality that exists for women where it does but also take pause to learn, grow and challenge ourselves to realize and acknowledge that there is still more that has to happen, both locally and around the world. The theme for this year is challenge. Here is a direct quote from the IWD website:

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let's all choose to challenge.

If you Choose To Challenge, join me in raising your hand to accept that challenge.

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

There is also a good article on the United Nations Development Programme website below.